Modular Conveyor

Generally designed with hygiene in mind the Asmech Systems Ltd Modular Belt Conveyor is typically made from Stainless Steel Grade 304 (mild steel powder coated available if required) and is available in standard lengths up to 2980mm long with longer lengths being achieved by using splice joints.

We offer heavy duty support legs that come complete with easily adjustable feet (or castors if required)

Asmech Systems Ltd Modular Belt Conveyor can be supplied with all types of material and widths for conveying all types of product from food preparation to bottle and pack distribution. Flights can be fitted to the belt if required.

Belts can be horizontal or inclined and accommodate bends and spirals for limitless configurations; with the drive shafts either at the head end or in a mid-position, under-slung beneath the conveyor body. Tensioning devices are provided to ensure correct setting.

Asmech Systems Ltd Modular belt design offers low downtime & quick belt replacement.

Modular Conveyor Bends

Asmech Systems Ltd Standard Modular Belt Bends allow for the smooth conveying of various foods and products around 45, 90 or 180-degree bends or any angle between 0-180 Degree is achievable, please contact us for more information.

Some advantages for Side Flexing Belts are as follows:

  • Only 1 drive station required
  • Product orientation is not affected
  • Stable product support; including small products
  • Safety
  • Safe belt control

Other products available in Slat or Modular are Accumulation or Singulations Tables.