Elevators & Lowerators

The Asmech Systems Elevator & Lowerators are used to raise or lower products when there is a need to change the conveyor feed heights, sometimes to overcome obstacles on the ground but mainly to elevate the conveyors to a secondary floor level.

Each machine can be built to individual customer’s requirements and is generally fitted within existing conveyor lines with ease due to its minimal footprint design.

Generally; our Elevators and Lowerators come with our automatic pneumatic chain tensioner, which protects the machine against chain snags and breakages from the natural expansion of the chains.

Asmech Systems Elevator & Lowerators are designed to be as simple as possible, whilst also ensuring the highest level of reliability.

Manufactured to the highest standard; with a Stainless Steel Grade 304 (or Mild Steel) box section frame and sheeted with a stainless-steel base and clear polycarbonate panels and doors.

Specialist removeable wear parts for easy maintenance.

Speeds – Capable of handling virtually all single-track conveyor lines.

Elevator and Lowerator manufactured by Asmech Systems Limited.