Cap Conveyor Systems & Preform Conveyor Systems

Asmech provides complete, autonomous solutions for cap and preform handling. With care for the quality of the product, we optimise line layout upstream of the blower and capping machines.

With over 20 years in the industry, one of Asmech’s largest project to date was to design, manufacture and install a cap handling system which contributed to a brand new blow moulding facility. To discover more about this project, please click here for additional information.

Built around your needs

The system is designed with your operations in mind, allowing you to conduct tasks with only the smallest amount of intervention, unlike generic solutions which you may struggle to programme and operate.

Utilising our years of experience, Asmech create bespoke handling solutions designed and catered to your specific needs.

With proven systems out in the field, Asmech are able to convey your product using soft fall transfers with the quality of the product in mind, offering the potential to feed different products to different destinations from the same infeed with no contamination and flat top modular belted conveyors for ease of transfer and eliminating the risk of snapped flights.

Optimal layout and functionality

We understand that communication is key for any system to operate efficiently, that’s why we offer both Ethernet and hard wired singling interface with other machinery to ensure the line has been primed to its potential. The system is also designed to incorporate variable speeds and format changeovers upon the customer’s request.

To ensure the full space of the site is utilised, we offer bespoke designs to optimise not only the systems potential but also the space the system operates within.

Asmech offer horizontal designs for long-distance conveying to reduce unrequired drives and enable minor inclines to be achieved, thus preventing the needs for any flighted belts.

Operational systems in existing sites incorporate floor standing supports and also ceiling mounts to ensure full versatility of the allocated space is used.

Top cover protection is used to prevent adverse influence from entering the system. With hygiene in mind, the covers are manufactured with an apex to reduce standing external dust and foreign bodies and aid rigidity.


The conveyors are manufactured using a long-lasting durable stainless steel constructions to increase the lifetime of the customer’s investment.

Interfacing with downstream machinery allows the cap and preform handling system to speed up or slow down. This can also mean the conveyor will go into energy saving mode if product is not required, thus meaning the system has a low energy consumption.

Decades of experience

Our company was first established in 1995. Since its inception, the company has been designing, engineering, manufacturing, installing and servicing solutions from its entire product range. We are able to use our breadth of knowledge and experience to solve a comprehensive range of automation and materials handling needs.

Getting in touch

Full project management is offered by our team, and we are experienced in working with some of the world’s most successful corporations. We can deliver the quality that you require whether you are in need of small conveyors or complete turnkey solutions. For further information, call 01623 424 442, e-mail us at or use the contact form on our website.