Cap Conveyor Project for Super Dairy

The biggest project undertaken by Asmech Systems to date (2012)

A well-known dairy invited Asmech Systems Ltd to be involved in their ‘Super Dairy Project being manufactured in the UK.

The 70-acre site; which has the capacity to produce 1.5 Million bottles of milk per day (provided by 900 farmers), is based in Buckinghamshire and processes only British milk and aims to supply 10% of the milk needed in England.

Asmech Systems Ltd were contracted to design, manufacture and install a Cap Handling System for a hole in the wall in-plant blow moulding facility for the handling of caps to a filler.

The Cap Handling System formed part of the process required; for the manufacture and supply of HDPE plastic bottles to the dairy at their brand-new hole in the wall plant blow moulding in-house production facility.

Asmech System Ltd designed the ‘Cap Handling System’ to deliver caps, from any one of eight dedicated storage hoppers to the required filler / fillers. The hoppers were dedicated to a particular colour of cap.

Once loaded into the hopper the product was transported by the means of an automated conveyor handling system. The system was designed to deliver to a maximum of four fillers from any one lane.

Asmech’s involvement in this very large project comprised of:

  • Locator – Used to locate a slave board and create a location guide for the  position of a boxer pack using a fork lift truck.
  • Tippers and Hoppers
  • Modular Belt Conveyors – Hoppers to the Inclines through a fire wall
  • Main Incline Conveyors for bottle caps
  • Cross Conveyors

Dairy Project in Scotland

A well-known dairy in Scotland contracted Asmech Systems Ltd to oversee the installation and line modification required for the replacement of three bottle labelling machines on three separate production lines, the aim was to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The new machines would all be of the same design and incorporate modern technology and design to help streamline the spares, reduce maintenance time and cost; whilst also reducing staff training requirements.

The first two lines were successfully completed in September and November 2016; requiring less than a 24-hour loss of production on each line, to complete the removal of the existing bottle labeller, modify the electrical and pneumatic pipe, install the new labeller, electrically connect and commission.

Work on the third line was undertaken in January 2017.

The bottle labeller on the third line to be removed posed a larger challenge than the two previous. It was a large cumbersome machine being fed bottles straight from the filler.

It would remove bottles from the conveyor line, apply the label and return the bottle to the conveyor line, the actions of this machine resulted in the bottle being turned through 180 degrees when placed back on the line.

The new bottle labellers do not remove the bottle from the conveyor when applying the label so the bottle is not turned through 180 degrees. The bottle orientation is a requirement for the final operation on the line i.e. being fed into a trolley packer ready for despatch. Therefore, Asmech Systems designed two bottle turner machines, to ensure the bottle is in the correct orientation when entering the trolley packers.

The machines design, fabrication, build (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic) and testing were all undertaken by Asmech’s in house abilities.

The Bottle turner operation was from a single conveyor infeed line, the bottles are controlled, counted, turned 180 degrees and then fed out to four individual conveyor lines to satisfy the requirement of the trolley packers.

The conveyor lines before the bottle turners have been modified to direct bottles to both bottle turners or feed the bottle to a shrink wrap machine. Each bottle turner can handle the entire range of bottles produced (from 1 pint up to 6 pint). The performance of the bottle turners exceeds the production capabilities of the existing machinery.

The entire installation process was undertaken by Asmech Systems including co-ordinating the health and safety requirements, and also included the following:

  1. Site induction + Asmech Systems task specific induction
  2. Isolation of work area from customer’s employees
  3. Disconnection of electrical pneumatic supplies
  4. Removal of redundant machinery
  5. Modification of pipe and ducting for electrical and pneumatic supply
  6. Modify conveyor lines
  7. Installation of new machinery
  8. Electrical and pneumatic supply re-connected and new supplies.
  9. Commissioning process

The dairy had concerns about the loss of production while work was being undertaken and understandably wanted to minimise this; Asmech Systems co-ordinated the various aspects of the installation to minimise disruption to production working 24 hours a day. The four-day timeline set by the dairy was met, plus a further 24 hours for the commissioning process, which was undertaken during production on the line.

Mansfield Brick Co

Asmech Systems; Design, Manufacture and Install a Heavy-Duty Pallet Conveyor for a local company who are producing concrete products for the building industry.

Heavy Duty Pallet Conveyor recently supplied to Mansfield Brick Co. Ltd

General Manager, Dominic Delich has kindly commented as below: 

From our first meeting Asmech Systems demonstrated their willingness to offer workable solutions to resolve our handling requirements.

As well as providing a competitive quotation, Asmech were selected because they had previously demonstrated their experience and handling capabilities on a similar project; and they could supply within the given time frame.

With our current pressures on production, we were only able to offer Asmech a short installation period. This turned out to be no problem at all, their engineers arrived on the Saturday morning before Christmas and the work was completed well within schedule.

The pallet conveyor system is very impressive and whilst being designed with the special requirements of the material building industry in mind we have been advised that the heavy-duty construction will also offer long lasting performance with minimal maintenance.

We are extremely happy with the complete package Asmech offered, and are pleased to say that our efficiencies since the line was commissioned have increased considerably. The conveyor has made a positive impact on service and productivity levels and represents very good value for money.

We are not only impressed with the quality and reliability of the system but with the way that the Asmech team worked closely with us to ensure that the project was delivered on time and without any disruption to our normal services.

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